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Speak Up Line

We wish to encourage our employees and business partners to contact and notify us of any potential misconduct or if they have any further questions. Reliable reporting channels and protection against sanctions for internal whistleblowers help to ensure that any potential misconduct can be reported, thoroughly investigated and resolved. Various reporting channels are available for gaining knowledge of any compliance infringements.

If, as an employee, you become aware of any infringement of the law or our Code of Conduct, or if you have any questions concerning compliance, you should initially contact your supervisor, HR representative or the Legal & Compliance department.

Please send an email to the Legal & Compliance team at

In addition, we offer our internal and external stakeholders the Speak Up Line as an early warning system to prevent any damage. The Speak Up Line reporting system comprises a secure reporting channel which can be used to make reports online around the clock, on request also anonymously, and in many languages:

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