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Community Engagement

At our sites, we have a significant economic impact on the surrounding communities in the form of employment, tax and infrastructure investment. At the same time, we are building lasting ties with local stakeholders in order to understand their needs and to support them with targeted engagement programs.

Global corporate philanthropy project: Bookbridge

In 2017, by joining the Bookbridge leadership development program, Autoneum has for the first time engaged in a corporate philanthropy project on a global level. The project is organized by Autoneum’s external partner, the nonprofit organization Bookbridge which specializes in building business skills through experiential learning. The aim of Bookbridge is to create financially self-reliant learning centers in rural areas of developing countries. Through a six-month part time leadership development program, Autoneum employees get the unique chance to co-create two of these learning centers Khvod (Mongolia) and Siem Reap (Cambodia), thereby contributing to job creation and the overall economic development of these communities.

Engaging with local communities

We aim to act as a responsible corporate citizen and to engage with the local communities at our sites. For this purpose, we have implemented a guideline defining the rules and procedures for donations, sponsoring and community engagement activities on a global level. According to the guideline, it is mandatory for each Autoneum site worldwide to define and engage in at least one community engagement project a year. Projects are developed often in interaction with the local community.

Europe – Supporting disadvantaged children in Portugal

Neglect and psychological or physical abuse can have serious consequences for child development. The Caritas-affiliated institution “Centro de Acolhimento Temporário ‘Nossa Senhora do Amparo’” in Setúbal, Portugal, is a facility where a specialized team of psychologists, educators and social workers looks after disadvantaged children, creating an environment of safety and stability. Since 2015, employees of the Autoneum plant in Setúbal have been supporting the center with donations of food, clothes, shoes and furniture. In this way we support not only the education, but also the emotional wellbeing of the children under the care of the center.

North America – Community run to support ALS research

In North America, sports events are traditionally organized not only for health promotion, but also for charitable purposes. The annual community walk to support ALS research in Bloomsburg (Pennsylvania), USA, is one example. ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – is an incurable, rapidly progressing disease of the central and peripheral nervous system that leads to massive physical impairments. In 2017, Autoneum employees and their family members and friends have participated in the community walk, organized for the 7th time, in order to raise awareness about ALS and collect funds for research and therapy purposes. Autoneum participants managed to raise over 9,000 US dollars for this cause.

Asia – Commitment to the environment in China and India

Environmental protection and sustainable actions are becoming increasingly important in Asia as well. Employees of the Indian Autoneum plant in Behror (Rajasthan), participate every year in "Van Mahotsav", the National Tree Planting Day. The objective of the campaign is to show how planting and cultivation of trees can mitigate the effects of global warming and reduce pollution. The principle is simple: Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thereby contributing to better air quality. Moreover, tree planting also serves to lower the risk of soil erosion, which can cause floods. This positive effect is especially important to Autoneum’s employees in India, since the country is repeatedly affected by massive floods.

SAMEA (South America, Middle East and Africa) – Book donations for a better future

In Brazil, especially in the northeastern region and in large cities, extreme poverty is still widespread. Children without parental care often end up on the street, exposed to gang violence, abuse and drug addiction. The "Centro Educacional Jesus Menino", established in 1983, aims to support children from disadvantaged families. More than 70 employees from Autoneum’s SAMEA headquarters support the center by regularly collecting books to support education and leisure activities of the children. This year, books from a variety of genres - such as fairy tales, classic literature and short stories - were donated. In the coming year, our São Paulo colleagues plan to extend the collection to clothes and toys.

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