Content - Sustainability


The principle of responsible conduct is one of the company’s success factors. Thus, Autoneum endeavors to keep the environmental footprint of its products throughout the entire value creation process as low as possible. While doing so, the focus is on the following areas:

  • Development of lightweight and multifunctional components for acoustic and thermal management
  • Use of recyclable raw materials
  • Recirculation of production waste into the production process
  • Improvement of production processes for more effective use of raw materials used and greater energy efficiency

Autoneum’s lightweight and multifunctional products significantly contribute to improved vehicle environmental performance. They not only reduce interior and exterior vehicle noise, but also lower the overall weight of vehicles at the same time, which in turn leads to lower fuel consumption and correspondingly reduced CO2 emissions.

Autoneum endeavors to keep the environmental impact of its products as low as possible throughout the entire product life cycle. This includes production processes that facilitate efficient processing of the raw materials used. This not only promotes the reuse and recycling of production waste but also the greatest possible recyclability of the manufactured products.

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