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Acoustic & Thermal Management

Autoneum's Comprehensive Range of Products and Services

Innovative components for automotive noise and heat protection

Autoneum is the global market and technology leader in acoustic and thermal management solutions for vehicles. The company develops and produces components, modules and systems for the entire vehicle: for the engine bay, the underbody, the interior floor and the body-in-white.

Its bundled expertise in acoustic and thermal management is one of the company's success factors meaning that Autoneum components offer noise and heat protection in individually adaptable product packages that optimally meet the increasingly more specific requirements of customers.

From pre-development to market launch, Autoneum supports its customers in close collaboration in the development and production of quieter, lighter and safer vehicles. To this end the technologies of Autoneum make a decisive contribution towards reducing the weight of vehicles, which in turn leads to lower fuel consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the products of Autoneum help to reduce the interior and exterior noise of vehicles and in doing so considerably enhance driver comfort.

Examples of products from the Autoneum portfolio

  • Autoneum is the pioneer of engine encapsulations. This innovative technology helps to store heat in the engine bay for longer periods in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions when the engine is started and minimize noise emissions directly at their place of origin. 
  • By optimally shielding the passenger compartment from the radiant heat emitted by the vehicle, the state-of-the-art heatshields produced by Autoneum help to enhance driver comfort. Furthermore, heatshields from Autoneum also offer an acoustic function by absorbing noise and thereby simultaneously reducing the interior and exterior noise of vehicles.
  • Autoneum's multifunctional carpet systems boost driver comfort by reducing the noise level in the passenger compartment. They are also lightweight, dirt-resistant and easy to clean. 

Autoneum. Mastering sound and heat.