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Board of Directors

Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors of Autoneum Holding Ltd consists of no less than three and no more than nine members. As of March 30, 2017, the Board of Directors has been expanded by one member to seven members, none of whom perform executive duties. The functions of Chairman of the Board and CEO are separated in order to ensure a balanced relationship between the company management and supervisory bodies.

The Board of Directors (BoD) exercises overall leadership and supervises and controls the Executive Board of Autoneum Holding Ltd and the Autoneum Group. It is responsible for all matters vested in it by law or the Articles of Association and that it has not delegated to other bodies.

Pursuant to new statutory provisions that entered into force on January 1, 2014, the Chairman and other members of the Board of Directors are elected individually until the conclusion of the next ordinary Annual General Meeting, i.e. for a term of office of one year. Nominations of new candidates for election to the Board of Directors are made with due regard for the balanced composition of this body, taking into account industrial and international management experience as well as specialist expertise.

The following list sets forth the name, position, committee membership and membership term of each member of the Board of Directors. Please click on the individual names for a brief biography of the member of the Board of Directors.

NamePositionsCommittee MembershipTerm Expires
Hans-Peter SchwaldChairmanStrategy Committee (Chairman), Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Nomination Committee2018
Rainer SchmückleVice ChairmanAudit Committee (Chairman), Strategy Committee2018
Norbert IndlekoferMemberStrategy Committee2018
Michael Pieper Member-2018
This E. Schneider MemberCompensation Committee (Chairman), Nomination Committee (Chairman)2018
Peter SpuhlerMember-2018
Ferdinand StutzMemberAudit Committee, Strategy Committee, Compensation Committee, Nomination Committee2018

Last update: March 30, 2017

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