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Durable and lightweight foam components

Theta-Cell is an innovative polyurethane foam material developed by Autoneum. It is used for different applications such as lightweight and multifunctional hoodliners, outer dashes, tunnel insulators and battery covers. Compared with conventional acoustic absorbers, Theta-Cell components can be used to achieve weight reductions of up to 60 percent as well as high thermal insulation.

Products based on Theta-Cell are able to withstand temperatures of up to 180°C at peak; they meet customer requirements and legal provisions with regard to the non-flammability of components for the engine bay. They are also oil and water-repellent and help to reduce the interior and exterior noise of vehicles.

Theta-Cell combines with the felt material Theta-Fiber to form the substrate Theta-FiberCell that is used for the engine encapsulations provided by Autoneum.



Theta-Cell - Thermally stable and lightweight foam technology for the engine bay

Hoodliner based on Theta-Cell

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