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Multifunctional non-woven technology

With Theta-Fiber, Autoneum offers a robust and multifunctional non-woven material for treatment in the engine bay. Up to 70 percent recycled fiber material is used for manufacturing components based on the semi-structural Theta-Fiber material technology.

Theta-Fiber stands out against conventional non-woven components above all thanks to its high temperature resistance: While traditional thermoplastic materials are able to withstand temperatures of up to 150°C, noise and thermal insulation parts based on Theta-Fiber can also be applied at temperatures of up to 200°C.

Compared to traditional heavy engine covers made of solid plastic, Theta-Fiber engine covers achieve weight savings of up to 60 percent, reduce the interior and exterior noise of vehicles and insulate heat generated by the engine.

Due to its high temperature stability, resistance to vibrations, lightweight, good acoustic properties and integrated thermal insulation, Theta-Fiber is a core element of Autoneum's innovative engine encapsulations. 



Theta-Fiber technology with excellent acoustic and thermal properties for engine bay

Engine cover based on Theta-Fiber

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