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Interior Floor

Carpet systems and inner dashes

Autoneum offers among others the following products for application in the interior floor:

  • Inner dashes
  • Non-woven carpets
  • Tufted carpets
  • Floor insulators
  • Floor mats
  • Spacers and crash pads

Autoneum's multifunctional carpet systems reduce noise entering the passenger compartment from the road or powertrain and in doing so help to enhance driver comfort. Autoneum produces both tufted carpets that are primarily applied in higher vehicle classes and non-woven carpets for small and mid-range vehicles. Whether tufted or non-woven, Autoneum's carpet systems meet the high aesthetic requirements of customers concerning the vehicle interior and are lightweight, dirt-resistant and durable.

Inner dashes and floor insulators prevent engine bay or road noise from entering the vehicle cabin and are used in combination with carpet systems between the engine bay or underbody and the passenger compartment. Thanks to their lightweight, the insulators correspondingly reduce the weight of the vehicle, thereby resulting in lower fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.



Inner dash

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