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Premium carpet quality

This new technology for tufted carpets has a number of advantages compared to the non-woven carpets mainly used in the compact and medium class. Thus, also drivers of these vehicle classes benefit from the quality standard and the look and feel of premium carpeting.

Most notable is the fact that Clean-Tuft offers a clearly improved cleanability compared to non-woven floor coverings: In particular, small particles such as splinters or needles can be removed more easily and thoroughly because they do not adhere to the fabric.

Carpet systems based on Clean-Tuft are also a convincing proposition in terms of durability and abrasion resistance, being more robust than non-woven carpets and less susceptible to wear and tear. It is common for non-woven carpets to gradually lose their pile after several years in a vehicle. On the contrary, Clean-Tuft continues to offer high-quality haptic and an attractive appearance thanks to its virtually unchanged fiber shape and structure for the entire life of the vehicle.

Furthermore, Clean-Tuft rights itself much more rapidly after being subjected to strain, for example by passengers’ shoes, than conventional non-woven floor coverings and offers high stain-resistance thanks to its hydrophobic surface.



Tufted carpet based on Clean-Tuft

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