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Enhanced driving comfort

The Di-Light carpet innovation for compact and medium class vehicles is the most recent expansion of the company’s product portfolio. Thanks to its greater abrasion resistance and resilience, Di-Light is a more durable non-woven carpet and offers an attractive appearance even in highly curved carpet areas due to its uniform surface finish.

The non-woven carpet absorbs noise entering the passenger compartment from the road or engine bay, thereby contributing to enhanced driving comfort. In addition, Di-Light has a lighter weight than standard non-woven carpets while maintaining their benefits. Di-Light-based carpets therefore reduce fuel consumption and emissions at the same time.

The enhanced resistance/weight ratio and the homogeneous look and feel of the carpet are based on newly developed fibers. Depending on the product variant, they consist of up to 97% of recycled PET which is reflected in the carpet’s excellent environmental performance.

Di-Light-based non-woven carpet

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