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Combination of insulation and absorption

Inner dashes and floor insulators prevent the transfer of street noise into the passenger compartment. With Hybrid-Acoustics, Autoneum offers an innovative technology for such components that simultaneously insulates and absorbs noise.


Hybrid-Acoustics not only meets today’s but also future noise protection requirements of vehicle manufacturers. For example, the lower part of an inner dash needs more insulation as the noise of the engine and front wheels is particularly audible here. By contrast, the upper part of inner dashes requires more absorption as other parts of the car - such as the dashboard - already contribute towards insulation.

Hybrid-Acoustics enables the thickness and density – and hence the insulation and absorption capacity – of the components to be defined accurately within a centimeter without any additional materials or layers. It is done simply through the targeted engineering of the fibrous top layer. This can be achieved by means of 3D calculations and statistical energy analyses as well as modern production processes.

Components based on Hybrid-Acoustics largely consist of recycled cotton fibers and are correspondingly light. They are up to 50 percent lighter than conventional insulations made of heavy layer foam. The Hybrid-Acoustics technology accordingly makes an important contribution towards reducing vehicle weight and emissions.


Hybrid-Acoustics - lightweight inner dash technology with unique combination of absorption and insulation

Inner dash based on Hybrid-Acoustics

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