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Quantum leap for inner dashes and floor insulators

Prime-Light is the latest advancement of Autoneum’s successful Ultra-Light technology and represents a quantum leap in terms of innovation within the segment of inner dashes and floor insulators for vehicles. Prime-Light components can be pressed into a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. This way they adjust optimally to the individual body-in-white shapes and take account of increasingly complex production processes in vehicle construction.

Prime-Light also convinces with a light weight while maintaining the same level of acoustic protection. Thanks to a 30 percent weight reduction compared with previous models, Prime-Light-based inner dashes and floor insulators save more than two kilos of a vehicle’s weight in average.

Automobile manufacturers and end consumers equally benefit from this weight reduction: If, for instance, the weight of a vehicle is reduced by 100 kilograms by means of lightweight materials, this leads to a 0.55-liter reduction of gasoline and almost 13 grams less CO₂ emissions per 100 kilometers driven (based on total fuel consumption of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers).

Prime-Light-based inner dashes and floor insulators consist of thermoplastic cotton felt compounds in which the share of recycled materials amounts to up to 50 percent depending on the application-specific composition. In order to achieve the greatest possible acoustic protection, Autoneum analyzes the ideal density and thickness of these components already in the design phase of new vehicle models.


Inner Dash based on Prime-Light

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