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The lightweight “classic”

The Ultra-Light technology facilitates enhanced acoustic comfort in cars while simultaneously reducing the vehicle weight and is today one of the classic products in Autoneum's noise protection portfolio.

Prior to the market launch of Ultra-Light in 1998, vehicle manufacturers largely used insulations made of heavy layer foam to curb unwanted noise. Autoneum introduced a pioneering paradigm shift in its approach to reducing vehicle noise by focusing on the absorption of noise instead of the insulation method that had previously been practiced. While sound-insulating components block noise and prevent it from seeping through from the engine bay to the passenger compartment, sound-absorbing components "swallow" noise.

The benefits of this fundamental paradigm shift are obvious: products for the absorption of noise like inner dashes and floor insulators are made of lightweight materials such as fibers. Compared with heavier mineral oil-based insulations they enable weight savings of up to 50 percent to be made. Moreover, products based on Ultra-Light are easy to recycle.

Ultra-Light - lightweight acoustic treatment for vehicles

Floor insulator based on Ultra-Light

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