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RIMIC™ Heatshield

Improved acoustics of heatshields thanks to micro-perforation

Upcoming stricter pass-by noise regulations in Europe and the desire for higher acoustic comfort increase the need for acoustic heatshields to be applied in the engine bay and underbody.

The RIMIC technology, which absorbs noise thanks to a specifically designed partial micro-perforation, is mainly combined with single-walled heatshields made of aluminum. This technology allows the acoustic properties of the heatshield to be tuned in a targeted way, reducing packaging requirements to the minimum. The partial distribution of the micro-perforation is key for ensuring fatigue performance at the attachment points.

When used in combination with double-walled acoustic heatshields, RIMICoffers good acoustic performance at a competitive cost compared to state-of-the-art multi-layer heatshields.

The unique benefits:

  • Maximum acoustic absorption for single-walled heatshields, asking for minimum packaging space 
  • Maximum stability for lifetime fatigue thanks to the partial distribution of the micro-perforation
  • Good acoustic performance of multi-layer acoustic heatshields

Beside standard body-mounted heatshield applications, RIMICis used in areas such as engine encapsulation or largely closed underbodies.

RIMIC Heatshield

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