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Measurement Systems

Autoneum Measurement Systems –
Top of the Range Technologies that Are Easy to Operate

Autoneum has been the leading supplier of specialized measurement systems for automotive acoustics for almost 50 years. Moreover, the company is continuously developing innovative systems and equipment to measure the NVH performance
(noise, vibration, harshness) of component and material properties. The measurement systems of Autoneum can be used to assess and compare noise-reducing components and systems in next to no time. This facilitates the compilation of sound packages for vehicle manufacturers while at the same time ensuring that the customer receives a product that is optimally tailored to his needs. Autoneum's highly specialized measurement systems have become globally recognized industry standards that are successfully used by both vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

The benefits of the measurement systems at a glance:

  • Accurate, reliable and immediate measurements
  • Facilitated development and enhancement of vehicle-specific sound packages
  • Applications tailored to customer needs
  • Simple and intuitive operation thanks to user-friendly software
  • Technology standard recognized throughout the industry that is used by vehicle manufacturers and suppliers

All measurement systems at a glance:

Systems for part and sample acoustic performance evaluation:

Alpha Cabin Non-destructive measurement of acoustic absorption of materials, molded parts or complete modules
CARE +Non-destructive measurement of airflow resistance of porous materials
IsokellMeasurement of acoustic insulation of materials, molded parts or complete modules
Apamat IIMeasurement of overall efficiency of acoustic materials
ENSMeasurement of airborne sound insulation between engine and passenger compartment

Systems for material parameter evaluation:

ELWISMeasurement of acoustic and structural parameters of porous materials
CarrouselCharacterization of structural parameters of composites and damping materials
AFRMeasurement of airflow resistance of porous materials
PorposMeasurement of porosity of felts and foams

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