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Heat Protection and Noise Absorption

Heatshields are used in vehicles primarily to provide protection against the heat that arises in the engine bay and the exhaust system. In order to shelter this radiant warmth, these shields are heat-resistant up to 500°C.

Heatshields based on Autoneum's lightweight, fully recyclable RIMIC technology not only protect against heat. At the same time, they also lower noise emissions of vehicles. This noise reduction is achieved by means of a special perforation developed by Autoneum. It converts the airborne sound into thermal energy and absorbs it. Using in-house production processes, these perforations are applied specifically only at predefined areas to ensure optimal heat protection and durability.

The acoustic performance of heatshields is controlled by the number of openings per shield. RIMIC can be used as a single layer or in combination with the Theta-Cell acoustic absorption technology in order to facilitate the absorption of high-frequency sounds of between two and six kilohertz.

RIMIC Heatshield

RIMIC heatshield

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