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Light, durable and acoustic

With underbody systems made of Ultra-Silent, Autoneum offers the most lightweight textile underfloor systems for vehicles: They are up to 50 percent lighter compared with equivalent components made of plastic.

Underbody systems made of Ultra-Silent also convince with a high degree of impact resistance and optimum stone chip protection. The PET based, glass-free mono-material is resistant against water and heat and fully recyclable. At the same time, Ultra-Silent absorbs sound and in doing so reduces the vehicle noise by up to two decibels.

In addition, underfloor systems made of Ultra-Silent enhance the aerodynamics of vehicles by reducing their air resistance. This contributes to lower fuel consumption and thereby reduces CO2 emissions.

Ultra-Silent - Lightweight, sound absorptive and recyclable fiber technology for underfloor panels and under engine shields

Underfloor shield based on Ultra-Silent

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