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Easy and Non-Destructive Airflow Resistance Measurements of Materials and Parts

The control of airflow resistance in the production of materials and components is a growing requirement in the automotive industry. CARE+ (Concentric Airflow Resistance Evaluator) is an apparatus designed to measure the airflow resistance of materials and parts. Measuring non-destructively, CARE+ is particularly applicable in the quality control of parts and materials.

CARE+ offers:

  • Non-destructive air flow resistance measurements
  • Ideal system for quality control
  • Measurements of single or multi-layer materials or parts
  • Easy transportation

Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions: 440 x 180 x 305 mm (L x W x H)
Bell overall dimensions: 145 mm
Recommended range of airflow resistances: 200 to 4’000 Ns/m3
Recommended sample thickness: less than 20 mm