With Zeta-Light, Autoneum adds an integrated damping function to fiber-based trim components such as carpets or inner dashes, significantly improving their acoustic performance. Thanks to the innovative use of particle dampers, Zeta-Light not only insulates and absorbs airborne noise, but also effectively reduces low-frequency vibrations of the car body, independent of temperature. In addition to improving the acoustic comfort of vehicle occupants, the new damping system also contributes to significant weight savings and simplified vehicle assembly. Zeta-Light will celebrate its world premiere at this year’s Automotive Acoustics Conference on July 11 and 12 in Zurich, Switzerland.

To ensure a quiet and comfortable driving experience, car manufacturers rely on components that attenuate airborne as well as structure-borne noise in the vehicle interior. Autoneum’s latest innovation, Zeta-Light, meets both of these acoustic requirements. The cutting-edge integrated particle dampers developed by Autoneum complement the sound-insulating and -absorbing properties of fiber-based, lightweight and sustainable technologies such as Hybrid-Acoustics ECO+ or Prime-Light with a new function for damping low-frequency vibrations of the vehicle body. Compared to conventional damping alternatives, Zeta-Light thus allows for the effective reduction of both noise and vibration in a wider frequency range and at lower weight. Moreover, the acoustic performance of the particle dampers is not affected by temperature.

The concept of Zeta-Light is as innovative as it is effective: Small particles are enclosed in thin non-woven capsules and integrated into the car body side of noise-insulating components such as carpets or inner dashes. The capsule transfers the vibrations of the vehicle body to the particles and sets them in motion. Damping is achieved through collisions and friction between the individual particles. In comparison to acoustic components with an integrated heavy layer, Zeta-Light from Autoneum thus enables effective and temperature-independent treatment of low-frequency structure-borne noise at a lower weight. For example, replacing the standard spring-mass system of a trunk floor carpet in an electric vehicle with Zeta-Light particle damping mounted on Autoneum’s sustainable and lightweight Hybrid-Acoustics ECO+ technology can reduce the weight of the damping package by up to 25% while maintaining the same acoustic performance.

Furthermore, since the particle dampers are integrated into the back of the sustainable felt-based components, Zeta-Light not only effectively contributes to reducing structure-borne noise and vehicle weight, but also simplifies parts logistics, the assembly process as well as recyclability in production and at the end of the vehicle’s life. Zeta-Light will be presented for the first time to an interested expert audience at the Automotive Acoustics Conference on July 11 and 12 in Zurich, Switzerland.

About the Automotive Acoustics Conference

Based on Autoneum’s more than 50 years of experience in the acoustic management of vehicles, the biennial Automotive Acoustics Conference addresses the latest developments and innovations in this field. The conference is under the scientific leadership of Autoneum and serves as a global forum for leading industry executives, developers and scientists. At this year’s edition, which will take place on July 11 and 12, 2023, in a hybrid format, more than 20 acoustics experts will present relevant and up-to-date findings. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn more about Autoneum’s sustainable product innovations including Zeta-Light in an accompanying exhibition.