Autoneum recorded a marked increase of 13.4% in net sales for 2012 to 1’907.7 million CHF (prior year: 1’682.4 million CHF). Equivalent to a 12.5% rise in local currencies, this net sales increase again exceeds that of global automobile production (+6.1%). In the second half of 2012, Autoneum continued to systematically implement the operative improvement measures initiated. Autoneum expects a considerably better EBIT margin for 2012 than in prior year, confirming the margin progress already made in the first half of 2012.

Autoneum, the global leader in vehicle acoustics and thermal management solutions, significantly increased net sales for the year under review by 13.4% to 1’907.7 million CHF (prior year: 1’682.4 million CHF). In local currencies this is equivalent to a 12.5% rise despite difficult conditions and adverse economic trends in some regions. Crucial for this sales growth above market level is Autoneum’s global presence in automobile markets, broad-based customer portfolio with orders for attractive models, and leading technological position. All these factors represent a clear competitive advantage.

Growth also in declining markets
For the automobile industry, 2012 was a year of dynamic development in North America and in the automobile growth markets, and of major challenges in Europe. Global automobile production rose by 6.1% to 81.5 million light vehicles. Automobile production declined by 5.9% in Europe and by 5.3% in the SAMEA market region (South America, Middle East, Africa). In all regions Autoneum nevertheless recorded a net sales increase in local currencies, thereby exceeding the market trend significantly in some cases. Autoneum successfully absorbed the uneven development of European markets and even gained market shares. New customer orders by premium brand automobile manufacturers boosted sales figures and compensated for the declining sales to mainly South European manufacturers. Also in the SAMEA region, Autoneum’s growth was above the market level despite production decline. Autoneum sales in China were impacted in the last quarter 2012 by Japanese automobile sales decline, a consequence of political tensions between China and Japan. Autoneum recorded by far the strongest growth in North America, significantly exceeding the market boom trend. Decisive here was the favorable model mix whereby nine out of the ten top-selling automobiles on the US market in 2012 featured Autoneum products.

The year-end financial statements and annual report for 2012 will be presented at the financial media and analyst conference on March 20, 2013, in Winterthur.


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