To meet the high demand from international automobile manufacturers, Autoneum is launching underfloor and under engine shields made from the lightweight and multifunctional material Ultra-Silent onto the North American market. Starting in 2015, these products will be manufactured in the United States.

Autoneum is the market leader in underbody systems for vehicles and will begin producing its specifically designed fiber technology Ultra-Silent for the North American market in the United States from 2015 onwards. This innovative technology is currently utilized at Autoneum sites in Europe only and is successfully deployed for underfloor and under engine shields with German premium car manufacturers, among others.

With Ultra-Silent, Autoneum is offering the lightest and most powerful underbody systems for vehicles: in comparison with conventional plastic solutions, they are up to 50% lighter. At the same time, they absorb sound, thereby reducing the interior and exterior noise of vehicles. In addition, Ultra-Silent provides the best resistance to stone chipping and impact. The mono-material which consists of glass-free fibers (PET) is also water and heat resistant and fully recyclable.

Underbody systems improve vehicle aerodynamics. This leads to improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO₂ emissions. Since CO₂ emissions are more and more limited by statutory provisions, Autoneum supports its customers in complying with these provisions. Furthermore, Ultra-Silent helps reduce exterior vehicle noise, which is also increasingly regulated.


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