370 shareholders of Autoneum Holding Ltd agreed to triple the dividend to 4.50 CHF per share (2013 financial year: 1.30 CHF) at the fourth Annual General Meeting today. All other proposals by the Board of Directors were also approved by a large majority.

370 shareholders attended the fourth Annual General Meeting of Autoneum Holding Ltd in Winterthur today. 68.80 percent of the share capital was represented.

In his address, Chairman of the Board of Directors Hans-Peter Schwald underlined the consistently practiced operational excellence that had been decisive for the remarkable profitability level achieved by Autoneum in 2014. CEO Martin Hirzel explained: “After achieving all the mid-term financial goals set at the spin-off back in 2011, Autoneum has set itself new targets for 2020. Based on the leaps in profitability in the last few years, I have every confidence that Autoneum will also meet these ambitious goals and in doing so open a new chapter as a globally successful automotive supplier.”

The shareholders approved the Annual Report 2014, including the annual and consolidated financial statements, by a large majority. Based on the result achieved in 2014 and in view of the positive business prospects for the current financial year, a dividend of 4.50 CHF per registered share, three times as high as in the previous year, will be paid out from the reserve from paid-in capital on the ex-dividend date of
March 30, 2015.

Formal discharge was given to all members of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board. Chairman Hans-Peter Schwald and the other members of the Board of Directors Rainer Schmückle, Michael Pieper, This E. Schneider, Peter Spuhler and Ferdinand Stutz were each confirmed in their positions for a one-year term. Hans-Peter Schwald, This E. Schneider and Ferdinand Stutz were elected to the Compensation Committee.

The consultative vote on the remuneration report was approved by 99.14 percent. The proposals for the remuneration of the Board of Directors and Group Executive Board in the 2016 financial year and all other proposals were approved by a large majority.


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