Community Engagement

With a presence spanning 53 production sites worldwide, cordial relations with surrounding communities are crucial for Autoneum. We build lasting ties with local stakeholders through a broad range of community projects and are committed to continuously increasing our positive impact on them.

Vision 2025: Good Corporate Citizenship

Strategic Target

Continuously increase Autoneum’s positive impact on communities

Operational Targets

  • Support social & community engagement activities of Autoneum employees with incentive structures
  • Implement corporate philanthropy projects on Autoneum Group level on an annual basis
  • Implement local community engagement projects in all Autoneum locations on an annual basis

Community Activities

Each Autoneum branch supports community projects in its local municipality. The projects focus on a variety of issues – environment, health, social welfare, youth and sport – and are developed together with local stakeholders. At the same time, they give our employees the opportunity to work for the common good and to make their contribution to a better future.

Europe – Planting tomorrow’s forest today

Forests are not only of enormous relevance for the biological diversity of our planet; they are also popular places to visit for young and old alike. In order to preserve a nearby forest as a recreational area, employees from our plant in the Hungarian city of Komárom planted young birch trees. They not only contribute to a natural landscape, but also improve air quality by filtering dust from the air and converting CO2 into oxygen. It is through environmental projects like this that the plant sets an example and demonstrates to locals the importance of a sustainable approach to nature.

North America – Donate blood to save lives

More than 20 million blood transfusions are needed in the US every year – and the trend is further increasing. To address the continuing shortage of donors, employees of our US plant in Aiken (South Carolina) organized a blood drive in 2020 in cooperation with the Red Cross. It only took a few minutes to draw blood from the volunteers. But this small effort had a huge impact: Just one donation can help three patients. Numerous colleagues followed the call and thus supported many people in difficult health situations.

Asia – Committed to helping disabled young people in China

With 1.4 billion people, China is the most populous country on earth. Providing sufficient care and educational facilities for people with disabilities is one of the key challenges this large country faces. Our BG Asia headquarters in Shanghai plays their part: They support a day care facility for young disabled adults located only a few miles away. This year, our colleagues organized a day full of activities for the youngsters, in preparation to the Chinese Moon Festival. The 60 participants had the chance to learn about the origins of this traditional celebration, while also improving their motor skills by building lanterns.

SAMEA (South America, Middle East, and Africa) – Winter aid for the homeless in Brazil

Keeping warm in winter is a huge challenge for many homeless people – including those in Brazil. Since 2015, Autoneum São Paulo has organized an annual collection campaign to help street people during the cold season. Anything that will make their lives better can be donated: weatherproof clothing, food and blankets. Thanks to the extraordinary commitment of our employees at our South American headquarters, a generous donation was collected again this year and given to “Caravana da Fraternidade”, a local charity organization for the homeless.