Community Engagement

With a presence spanning 53 production sites worldwide, cordial relations with surrounding communities are crucial for Autoneum. We build lasting ties with local stakeholders through a broad range of community projects and are committed to continuously increasing our positive impact on them.

Vision 2025: Good Corporate Citizenship

Strategic Target

Continuously increase Autoneum’s positive impact on communities

Operational Targets

  • Support social & community engagement activities of Autoneum employees with incentive structures
  • Implement corporate philanthropy projects on Autoneum Group level on an annual basis
  • Implement local community engagement projects in all Autoneum locations on an annual basis

Community Activities

Each Autoneum branch supports community projects in its local municipality. The projects focus on a variety of issues – environment, health, social welfare, youth and sport – and are developed together with local stakeholders. At the same time, they give our employees the opportunity to work for the common good and to make their contribution to a better future.

Europe – Beach cleanup to protect the sea

Spending a day at the seaside is never a waste of time – especially if you’re doing a good deed while you’re there. In 2021, fifteen employees from our French plant in Blainville cleaned up the beach in the nearby community of Merville-Franceville-Plage in Normandy. Along the coast, they collected marine litter in cooperation with the organization “Rivage Propre”: from plastic to glass and cigarette butts to paper, styrofoam and wood, everything was neatly separated and taken away in six full bags. In the future, the site plans to carry out further environmental projects and thus raise awareness among the local population for a sustainable approach to nature.

North America – A very special camp for kids

Children with chronic diseases or other health restrictions face different challenges in their everyday lives. One thing these young people have in common, however, is the desire for a holiday experience that is as carefree as possible. With this in mind, “Camp Victory” was founded in 1986 in Millville, Pennsylvania, USA. During the joint outdoor activities, the children recharge their batteries, they exchange experiences and make new friends. At the end of their camping adventure, they return to their families motivated and full of zest for life. Employees from our Bloomsburg plant have been supporting this special project for more than 10 years with regular maintenance works. In 2021, they repaired another roof, bringing the total number of roofs repaired within the last decade up to 12!

Asia – Healthy meals for elderly people in need

For many elderly people in difficult financial circumstances, a varied and healthy nutrition is a particularly valuable good, but unfortunately often difficult to obtain. Activities such as grocery shopping and cooking are hardly possible for these persons, or only with great effort. Since 2018, employees from our plant in Guangzhou, China, have been delivering around 50 menus per day – lovingly prepared by the in-house canteen – free of charge to senior citizens in their local community during one month every year. For the people affected, this daily visit means much more than receiving a balanced meal: a lovely surprise and a small moment of happiness in their everyday lives.

SAMEA (South America, Middle East, and Africa) – Donation campaign for child protection center in Turkey

A safe and secure home should be a matter of course for every child – unfortunately, the reality often looks different. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF, around one billion children and young adolescents aged between two and 17 are affected by domestic violence worldwide. Since 2018, our Turkish location in Bursa has been organizing regular collection drives for the child protection center in the local community to support its work and raise awareness of violence against children. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of the employees, a generous donation was collected again this year, including practical items such as furniture, carpets, curtains and books. About 100 protégés were able to benefit from this great initiative!