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Our Suppliers

As a company with a broad product range, we source a large variety of materials through complex supply chains. In order to avoid supply chain risks, we expect all our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and make sure that all materials obtained are compliant with legal and customer requirements.

Autoneum operates 55 production facilities worldwide, thus creating substantial demand in materials and services. Our supplier universe currently consists of approximately 1250 direct spend suppliers and several thousand indirect spend suppliers. Autoneum requires all suppliers to sign and operate in accordance with its Code of Conduct for Suppliers, and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The Code of Conduct for Suppliers defines key principles in the following areas: Labor and Human Rights, Health and Safety, Environment, Material Compliance and Business Ethics.

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Material Compliance

“Material Compliance is essential to protect the health and safety of the end consumers who drive cars equipped with Autoneum components.”

Our Material Compliance team ensures that the materials purchased and used in our products conform with both legal and customer requirements, such as REACH1 or GADSL2. Furthermore, the purchased materials also have to comply with the Dodd-Frank Act which requires all companies producing in the USA to ensure that the raw materials they use are not “conflict minerals” – i.e. gold or ores used for the production of tin, tantalum or tungsten –, tied in any way to the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

1 Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (EC 1907/2006). 2 Global Automotive Declarable Substance List.