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“We are firmly committed to protecting the natural environment and reducing our environmental footprint. In line with our Strategic Priority of practicing operational excellence, we invest in sustainable production processes and implement waste, water and energy efficiency projects across our worldwide operations. “

Policy Framework

Autoneum defines the key principles of its environmental management – alongside with quality, health and safety and operational excellence aspects – in the Autoneum Management Policy. The Policy is complemented by a range of issue-specific internal policies addressing the management of emissions, waste, wastewater, chemicals and hazardous substances. Furthermore, we expect all our employees to behave in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. Our approach is defined by the 15 Principles for Good Environment, Health and Safety Behavior with five principles addressing manager behavior and ten principles applying to all employees.

Eco-efficiency in Manufacturing

As a manufacturing company Autoneum is continuously working on reducing its environmental footprint by investing in eco-efficient production processes. In 2015 we launched the Group-wide initiative “Improve Sustainability” with the aim to reduce landfill waste, to reclaim or recycle production waste and to reduce energy and water consumption at our sites. Within this initiative we implement a variety of new eco-efficiency pilot projects every year, developed in collaboration with Autoneum sites worldwide.

Management System for Environment, Health & Safety

The aim of Autoneum’s Environment, Health & Safety Management System (MEHS), launched in 2014, is to implement consistent EHS standards and requirements at all Autoneum locations worldwide. To ensure comparability on a global level, the MEHS is based on international and national laws and regulations, as well as the requirements of environmental management system ISO 14001. In order to support the implementation of MEHS worldwide, Autoneum has developed a specialized MEHS training program for EHS functions. The trainings cover environmental topics such as emission, water, waste and energy management as well as overall sustainability management.