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Autoneum as Employer

Living a high performance culture

Autoneum is globally leading in acoustic and thermal management for vehicles. The Company operates 55 production facilities and employs more than 12 000 people in 25 countries. Our company stands for innovation and sustainable success. The high performance culture promoted and lived at Autoneum, which, in addition to motivation, is aimed at cohesion and employee satisfaction, contributes significantly to the success story of our company.


Remuneration is mainly based on local customary conditions. Centrally defined basic rules guarantee fair treatment. Employees can also participate directly in the company’s financial success through a regional bonus system. The variable component of the remuneration is based on the management level and functions of the employee and reflects the achievement of its influence on company’s success.

Performance Management Process

A strong performance and self-motivation is the prerequisite for career advancement and development at Autoneum. The Performance Management Process (PMP) is key to assure our people are dedicated to Autoneum core values and its culture of performance. PMP measures these criteria, identifies development potential and defines the individual goals in personal exchange between employees and managers in line with the corporate strategy.  Our corporate values play a central role in this process and set the framework for all our actions and decisions.

People development

Employees are the key to a company’s success. Autoneum therefore offers a wide range of local, regional and global programs and activities to impart knowledge and skills, especially for talented young people. These offers complement the practical training and exchange of experience at the workplace and support the individual development paths.

Participants have an opportunity to:

  • Develop competences for cross-cultural and cross-regional cooperation

  • Exchange professional experience on an international level
  • Build up professional connections with senior management
  • Develop a personal network within Autoneum globally

ILP gives our employees a unique chance to learn and grow with Autoneum

At Autoneum, talented young employees receive targeted support. One of the ways in which this is achieved is through the International Learning Program (ILP), a global training and continuing education model that enables particularly talented employees with at least two years of experience within our company to gain their first experience in intercultural cooperation. ILP is based on the approach of project-related, action-oriented learning and is accompanied by an international coaching team.

High Performance Leadership

The High Performance Leadership model was developed with global aspects in mind and especially for managers. This program conveys the values underlying the corporate strategy and the management culture that builds on them. The aim of the program is to strengthen the management culture and develop decision-making skills based on the company’s values and strategy. The program is organised in close cooperation with renowned trainers who are among the best in their field in leadership development worldwide.

Human Resources Worldwide – Contact us!

Autoneum relies on a positive cooperative relationship with local authorities and employee representatives and also works together with students and local universities. This cooperation takes place in various forms such as internships and local initiatives. The best way to contact Autoneum for further information is to get in touch with a nearby Autoneum location (see on the right).

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