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Please contact your custodian bank. Autoneum shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange under valor symbol AUTN, valor number 12‘748‘036, or ISIN CH0127480363.

Autoneum shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange electronic trading system.

The Autoneum security number is 12’748’036; the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is CH0127480363, and the Security or Ticker Symbol is AUTN.

In total 4 672 363 Autoneum shares are issued.

Autoneum is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since May 13, 2011 (first day of trading).

The nominal value is 0.05 CHF per registered share.

You can find the annual taxable value as of December 31 at www.autoneum.com/en/investor-relations/share

Please contact our share register:
Julia Kulczycki
Legal Assistant

Autoneum Management Ltd
Schlosstalstrasse 43 / P.O. Box
8406 Winterthur
T +41 52 244 82 06
F +41 52 244 83 35


Autoneum strives to pay its shareholders a dividend in the amount of at least 30% of the net profit attributable to the Autoneum shareholders, depending on business development, corporate financing needs, general economic conditions as well as legal and any contractual constraints.

This date is published together with the invitation and the agenda of the Annual General Meeting where the dividend payment will be proposed to the shareholders for approval.
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You can change your address either by applying to your custodian bank or by e-mail to aktienregister@autoneum.com.

Annual General Meeting