Consumers, industry and authorities are placing increasingly greater demands on mobility: Vehicles not only need to become more efficient, lightweight and comfortable, but at the same time offer optimum acoustics. In order to reduce the interior and exterior noise of vehicles as much as possible, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers have for around 50 years been relying on measurement systems from Autoneum.

Growing requirements for lightweight and multifunctional components, increasingly closer cooperation between vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers and continuous innovation-driven efficiency enhancements in vehicle development: According to the “Global Automotive Trends Report 2015”, these are the key trends of the automotive industry. The study by the market research institute Prime Research supported by Autoneum as presenting partner of the World Car Awards was published today at the awarding ceremony of the World Car Awards at the New York International Auto Show.

Lightweight and multifunctional components are increasingly being used today to reduce the interior and exterior sound of vehicles. While the rising importance of infotainment systems in vehicles places further requirements on noise reduction in the passenger compartment, the so-called pass-by noise will in future also be subject to increased legal regulations. The measurement systems of Autoneum are among the most important parameters for the development of noise-reducing components. They can be used to analyze and review the NVH behavior (noise, vibration, harshness) of materials and components both in the development phase and during serial production – such as within the scope of quality assurance measures. For example, the Isokell measurement system measures airborne noise insulation and the transmission loss of flat material samples as well as formed components such as inner dashes or carpet systems. Thanks to five highly sensitive microphones in both the reception and emission chamber of the user-friendly system, only two measurements are necessary to collect precise and valid test data. Users of the new Isokell measurement system that will be launched this month also benefit from a 30 percent time saving in the test procedure compared with the previous model.

Measurement systems from Autoneum are today a global industry standard and are successfully used by both vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers. The company is therefore making a sustainable contribution towards improving driver comfort not only with its products and systems for noise and heat protection but also with its measurement systems.


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