Autoneum is supplementing its range of acoustic and thermal management solutions for vehicles with multifunctional engine covers made of the lightweight fiber-foam material Theta-FiberCell. This product innovation for the engine bay reduces the vehicle weight and at the same time prevents engine noise from entering the passenger compartment. Autoneum is thus offering vehicle manufacturers a further lightweight component for the development and production of fuel-efficient and low-emission cars.

In order to support OEMs in meeting the increasing global requirements for reducing vehicle emissions and noise, Autoneum has extended its broad range of lightweight and noise-reducing components to include multifunctional engine covers made of Theta-FiberCell. This key technology takes into account customer-specific product requirements such as optimum noise protection and integrated thermal insulation. Compared with conventional engine covers made of plastic, engine covers made of Theta-FiberCell are more than 50 percent lighter, which is equivalent to a weight reduction of up to one kilo per vehicle. At the same time they absorb engine noise and in doing so contribute toward improved acoustics in the passenger compartment and enhanced driver comfort. Theta-FiberCell is able to withstand temperatures of up to 200°C and is highly resistant to engine vibrations.

The handy and easy to install engine covers also stand out with an innovative textile surface able to carry a visual design that can be determined individually by vehicle manufacturers. They can also be combined with Autoneum’s engine encapsulations that are likewise based on Theta-FiberCell and were introduced to the market in 2012. Driven by demand, engine covers currently manufactured in Europe will be produced in series in Asia and the USA as well in future.


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