With its Corporate Responsibility Report 2016, Autoneum is for the first time publishing a report in accordance with the globally leading GRI standard in sustainability reporting. The report is a key element of Autoneum’s Corporate Responsibility management framework newly established within the Company. By extending its activities in this area, Autoneum confirms its commitment to transparency and clearly subscribes to the principles of Corporate Responsibility.

As the market leader in acoustic and thermal management solutions for vehicles, Autoneum’s goal is to also set new standards in Corporate Responsibility among its industry peers. By managing human and natural resources responsibly, the Company aims at making a decisive contribution to a sustainable future.

To mark this commitment, Autoneum is publishing its first Corporate Responsibility Report for the 2016 financial year in accordance with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the leading global standard in sustainability reporting. The report is a core element of the Corporate Responsibility management framework newly anchored within Autoneum. In the run-up to the report the Company has further expanded and enhanced its data management. New key performance indicators and more detailed information on the main aspects of economic, environmental and social sustainability for Autoneum are being published this year, thereby fostering greater transparency toward Autoneum’s stakeholders and the public at large.

In 2016, Autoneum once again achieved substantial improvements in the various dimensions of Corporate Responsibility. The Company recorded outstanding results particularly in the area of health and safety as reflected in the improvement of all relevant key figures. The already high labor standards were further consolidated through a large number of global programs. In addition, the Company’s compliance organization was further strengthened, the training curriculum in this area considerably expanded and an electronic reporting system for potential breaches of the Code of Conduct introduced. Thanks to the systematic implementation of ecoefficiency projects at Autoneum plants globally, water and energy consumption were markedly reduced and the recycling ratio was significantly increased.

“2017 marks the starting point for a new chapter in Autoneum’s Corporate Responsibility management”, explains Martin Hirzel, CEO of Autoneum. “We have established a Group-wide function in the first half of the year that will monitor and advance all Company activities in this area. Furthermore, we have introduced a Corporate Responsibility Steering Committee in order to anchor the topic at the highest decision-making level. The task of these bodies will be to develop and launch Autoneum’s first Corporate Responsibility strategy with defined key fields of action and a comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative targets.”

Autoneum offers a wide range of multifunctional and lightweight components for noise and heat protection in vehicles that stand out due to their high content of recycled fibers and materials. Sustainability criteria are integrated in all stages of the innovation process and the ecoefficiency of products is continuously optimized. The products of Autoneum make a decisive contribution to the weight reduction of vehicles, thereby resulting in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This way Autoneum supports vehicle manufacturers in fulfilling increasingly tightening environmental regulations and in meeting the growing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles.


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