With “Acoustic Garage”, Autoneum launches an online configurator for the acoustic management of vehicles as the first automotive supplier worldwide ever. The portal offers a comprehensive information and product experience on all aspects of noise protection in cars. In addition, users can customize various acoustic components according to their individual requirements. In this way, Autoneum supports vehicle manufacturers in ensuring optimal acoustics in future models. Acoustic Garage is now available for free at acoustics.autoneum.com.

Autoneum not only sets benchmarks in automotive noise and heat protection with its innovative components and technologies, but now also with its online application Acoustic Garage. The new and especially user-friendly configurator allows interested parties – whether customers, science representatives or end consumers – to design a customized noise protection package at the touch of a button.

To facilitate the first steps of the configuration, Autoneum has predefined several product combinations that meet the various requirements of modern mobility, such as maximum weight reduction or high driving comfort. In addition, multiple technologies for a specific component can be compared on the basis of selected criteria such as lightweight construction, sustainability and aesthetics. The possibilities are almost endless – the configurator offers billions of possible combinations to choose from.

Acoustic Garage is based on the Company’s unique simulation expertise: Internally developed software calculates the acoustic performance of selected components and vehicle setups in real time and generates a detailed analysis that can be shared, saved and categorized. Anyone who uses Acoustic Garage more than once simply accesses configurations again and compares them directly with one another. Autoneum experts are just a click away for specific data inquiries. Fluid 3D animations further ensure visual clarity.

“With Acoustic Garage we present our product portfolio to the public in a modern way while meeting the needs of various stakeholders. This new online tool is an impressive demonstration of Autoneum’s market and innovation leadership in acoustic and thermal management and is part of our digitalization strategy”, explains Anahid Rickmann, Head of Corporate Communications & Responsibility.

Acoustic Garage is now available at https://acoustics.autoneum.com in German, English and Chinese and can be operated via desktop or tablet.

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