In 2022, Autoneum made further measurable progress in the areas of environment, people and communities, governance and compliance. In addition, the Company committed to ambitious science-based targets, which were validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in January 2023. In the reporting year, Autoneum succeeded in further reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions and continued to expand its recycling capabilities on a global scale. Moreover, the incorporation of the sustainability criterion in the Executive Bonus Plan will bring this topic into even stronger focus for Autoneum in the future.

In recognition of the need for rapid and significant reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions, Autoneum further optimized the sustainability of its products and processes in 2022. Despite the numerous challenges the automotive industry continued to face last year, the Company managed to reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions by 14.8% on a relative basis and by 33% on an absolute basis compared to the 2019 baseline. In addition, 214 eco-efficiency projects focusing on reducing waste as well as energy and water consumption were carried out at 37 Autoneum plants worldwide, almost tripling the number of this type of project compared to previous years.

The validation of Autoneum’s science-based targets to reduce its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions along the entire value chain by the SBTI at the beginning of this year marked an important milestone for the Company. The targets are in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to well below 2°C and support Autoneum’s environmental targets already firmly established in its Advance Sustainability Strategy. In addition, with the introduction of its fully recyclable 100% polyester carpet systems, which build on existing and particularly eco-friendly Pure technologies, the Company further strengthened its position as the global market and technology leader in sustainable acoustic and thermal management for vehicles. Autoneum has already received first customer awards for its innovative tufted carpet systems. Further awards were received for e-motor encapsulations based on Autoneum’s patented, noise-reducing Pure technology Hybrid-Acoustics PET.

In the area occupational health and safety, Autoneum succeeded in clearly reducing the number of occupational accidents and the accident frequency rate by 26.5%. In addition, Autoneum launched the first company-wide Women’s Network in 2022. The network aims at promoting gender equality and a culture of diversity and inclusion at Autoneum, and at facilitating cross-regional and cross-functional exchange among employees on topics such as career development, leadership and the compatibility of work and family. Furthermore, Autoneum employees across the globe carried out 67 community engagement projects in 2022.

In the reporting year, Autoneum also placed a particular focus on extending the Corporate Responsibility Organization throughout the Company. In addition, the Board of Directors was more closely involved in the corresponding processes. By incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) target criteria in the Group’s Executive Bonus Plan as of the 2022 financial year, the issue of sustainability will become even more important for Autoneum in the future.

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