Measures acoustic insulation on small samples

ATLAS – short for “Airborne Transmission Loss Analysis System” – measures the acoustic insulation and transmission loss of interior components such as carpets, inner dashes and floor insulators. The system enables measurements of small samples with a diameter of no more than ten centimeters compared to the previous testing standard of around one square meter in size. This allows faster, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly transmission loss tests already in project pre-development.

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ATLAS offers:

  • Overcomes limitations of current methods, where results may strongly depend on the sample edge conditions

  • Measures Transmission Loss (TL) of single layers and multilayers on small samples (100mm Diameter)

  • Rapid, easy and reliable data evaluation

Technical specifications:

System dimensions: 850 x 1210 x 1’240 mm (L x W x H)
Frequency range: 100 to 3000 Hz
Sample size: 100 mm diameter
Output: Normal incidence transmission loss