Carpet Cleanability Analyzer
Objective assessment of the Carpet Cleanability

The “Carpet Cleanability Analyzer” measurement system has been developed to analyze and compare the cleanability of different carpet surfaces. Per measuring cycle, three carpet samples soiled with strongly adhering particles, such as grains of sand or wool fibers, are cleaned by a robot-guided suction arm with controlled pressure. The measurement system calculates the cleanability and dirt resistance of the respective carpet technology based on the residue on the carpet surface and the weight difference of the samples.

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Carpet Cleanability Analyzer offers:

  • Robust, automated measuring method that works with all carpet surfaces (tufting and non-woven carpets)
  • Only one operator necessary for the measuring process
  • Repeatability of the results thanks to the robot-guided measuring process and the methodology used
  • Quantitative assessment of the carpet cleanability

Technical specifications:

System dimensions: 150 x 95 x 180 cm (L x W x H)
Number of samples: 3
Dimensions of standard sample: 180x620mm
Suction head speed: 7m/min