About Autoneum

Autoneum is the global market and technology leader in acoustic and thermal management solutions for vehicles and a partner for light vehicle manufacturers around the world. The Company develops and produces multifunctional, lightweight components for optimum noise and heat protection. The innovative products and technologies make vehicles quieter, safer and lighter and therefore help to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Autoneum in Numbers (2020)
Our Values

Matthias Holzammer (Chief Executive Officer), Bernhard Wiehl (Chief Financial Officer), Dr Alexandra Bendler (Head Business Group Europe), Fausto Bigi (Head Business Group SAMEA), Andreas Kolf (Head Business Group Asia), Greg Sibley (Head Business Group North America)


The Autoneum Group consists of the four Business Groups Europe, North America, Asia and SAMEA (South America, Middle East and Africa). Each of these Groups is managed by the Head Business Group, who reports to the CEO of the Autoneum Group.

Board of Directors
Group Executive Board
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