The Leading Measurement System for the Analysis of Porous Materials

ELWIS (Evaluation of Light Weight Impedance System) offers a full and rapid characterization of porous materials based on the analysis of a single sample. The ELWIS system consists of the ELWIS-A and ELWIS-S components which can be used independently from each other although both applications are needed for a complete material simulation.

ELWIS-A measures acoustic parameters that are needed to evaluate the acoustic performance of sound insulation and sound-absorbing multi-layer materials. An additional impedance tube for absorption measurements at higher frequencies is available for ELWIS-A.

ELWIS-S measures structural parameters that are needed to simulate the dynamic and acoustic behavior of sound packages in the medium to low frequency range (including the “Poisson Ratio” for foam materials).

ELWIS is very easy to operate: Thanks to its user-friendly software, the system can also be used to obtain reliable results by users with only limited experience in the characterization of porous materials.

ELWIS offers:

  • Measurement system for obtaining material parameters for the simulation of components (e.g. using SISAB or SEA software)
  • Swift comparison of performance of alternative systems or materials
  • Rapid, easy and reliable data evaluation on the basis of a single material sample
  • Supersedes large databases with material parameters for the compilation of sound packages
  • Can also be used as a quality control system
  • Adaptable to a wide range of materials and parts
  • Combination of the benefits of inverse methods with innovative data evaluation and the latest material knowledge
  • Easy-to-operate software also for non-experts

Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions: 0.85 x 2.21 x 1.24 m (L x W x H)
Accommodated sample size: ELWIS-A: 60 mm diameter
ELWIS-A additional option: 29 mm diameter
ELWIS-S: 100 mm diameter
Frequency range: ELWIS-A: 200 – 3,400 Hz
ELWIS-A additional option: 1000 – 6,300 Hz
Standards: Fulfills ASTM (E-1050) and ISO (10534-1/2)
For impedance tube measurements (measurements between 200 and 3,400 Hz or up to 6,300 Hz with the additional option)