Precise Measurement of Airborne Noise Insulation

Isokell offers a flexible method geared specifically to the needs of the automotive industry for measuring airborne noise insulation and the transmission loss of vehicle components. The system is easier to use and less costly than traditional acoustic measurement systems.

Isokell offers:

  • Time savings thanks to horizontal sample mounting
  • Measurement of flat samples or components
  • Fast and easy measurement procedure thanks to user-friendly software
  • Easy transportation thanks to reduced size
  • Used in combination with Alpha Cabin, it can also measure absorption

Technical specifications:

Overall dimensions: 3.4 x 2.5 x 3.75 m (L x W x H)
Sample apertures: 1.0 x 1.2 m (standard flat samples)
1.5 x 2.0 m (larger parts)
Frequency range: 125 – 6’300 Hz