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Hans-Peter Schwald – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Autoneum

Martin Hirzel – CEO Autoneum

Martin Hirzel – CEO Autoneum

Martin Zwyssig – CFO Autoneum

Headquarters of Autoneum in Winterthur, Switzerland

Automatic heatshield production in Sevelen (CH)

Carpet manufacturing in Bor (CZ)

Employee with RIMIC heatshield

Production of a tufting carpet in Genk (BE)

Production of lightweight tunnel insulators in Choceñ (CZ)

Acoustics measurements in Gundernhausen (GER)

Engine Top Cover (Theta-FiberCell)

Engine Encapsulation (Theta-FiberCell)

Engine Encapsulation made of Theta-FiberCell

Inner Dash (Hybrid-Acoustics)

Needlepunch Carpet (Di-Light)

Floor Insulator (Prime-Light)

Underbody Shield (Ultra-Silent)

Tufted Carpet (Clean-Tuft)



Wheelhouse Outer Liner

RIMIC Heatshield

Alpha Cabin

Alpha Cabin



Interior noise measurements

Acoustics measurements

Exterior noise measurements

Pass-by Noise Measurement