Product family engine bay

Engine bay is the vehicle area where most of the noise and heat sources are concentrated. With innovative lightweight and multifunctional components, Autoneum helps automobile manufacturers to address new regulations for pass-by noise and CO2 emissions.

Autoneum offers the following products for application in the engine bay:

  • Engine and e-motor encapsulations

  • Hoodliners
  • Outer dashes

  • Engine and body mounted absorbers

  • Engine top covers
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Hybrid-Acoustics PET

Product family underbody

Textile-based and correspondingly lightweight underbody systems of Autoneum absorb noise and therefore simultaneously reduce the interior and exterior noise of cars. They also enhance the aerodynamics of a vehicle. This leads to lower fuel consumption and reduced vehicle emissions.

Autoneum offers among others the following products for underbody application:

  • Underbody systems
  • Electromagnetic battery shields

  • Wheelhouse outer liners
  • Under tunnel shields

  • Heatshields
  • Floor pans

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Technologies for the engine bay

Hybrid-Acoustics PET
Sustainable noise protection in the engine bay

With Hybrid-Acoustics PET, Autoneum has adapted its textile interior technology Hybrid-Acoustics for use in the engine compartment. The patented innovation is based on a unique fiber material that acts as an insulator and absorber at the same time. Among others, Hybrid-Acoustics PET is used to encapsulate electric motors, thereby reducing noise directly at the source and particularly attenuating high-frequency sounds of the electric drive unit. This key technology accordingly ensures optimum noise protection in the passenger cabin and greater driving comfort.

At the same time, components made of Hybrid-Acoustics PET convince with their low weight. Compared to conventional insulators, they are up to 40 percent lighter and thereby contributing to a greater driving ran