Autoneum’s interior floor products makes the vehicle lighter, more comfortable and environmentally-friendly – while providing optimum acoustic performance at the same time. In addition, these multifunctional components also meet the increased requirements for comfortable vehicle interiors thanks to their outstanding cleanability, low odor and high durability.

Autoneum offers among others the following products for application on the Interior Floor:

  • Inner dashes

  • Needlepunch carpets

  • Tufted carpets

  • Floor insulators

  • Floor mats

  • Inner wheelhouse insulators

  • Dampers

  • Inner trunk floor insulators
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Technologies for the interior floor

Particularly sustainable

With Relive-1, Autoneum offers a premium technology for automotive carpets that not only scores with its aesthetic appearance, but also has an exceptional environmental performance.

Among other things, carpets made of Relive-1 feature a particularly sustainable use of raw materials: For example, only recycled PET bottles are used to manufacture the carpet yarns. Autoneum reuses this raw material, thus conserving natural resources and reducing plastic waste – while at the same time ensuring that new, high-quality carpet systems for future vehicle generations can be produced cost-effectively from used PET bottles. Moreover, Relive-1 is an important step towards mono-material constructions and consequently, zero waste tufted carpet production.

At the same time, Relive-1 stands for the above-average product quality of Autoneum: Compared to standard carpets in compact and to large class vehicles, Relive-1 carpets are more robust thanks to significantly higher abrasion resistance, and easy to clean thanks to the vertical alignment of the filaments and the water repellency of polyester. As a result, small particles such as wood splinters, dust or pebbles as well as liquids can be removed easily with no residual traces, which is a key benefit for recreational vehicles like SUVs. For premium class vehicles, the marriage of outstanding performance and sustainability defines nowadays the new luxury.