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Autoneum as Employer

Autoneum as a global company offers a broad variety of attractive positions around the world. The expected know-how and commitment as well as flexibility and loyalty are compensated by performance based remuneration, challenging assignments in an international, multicultural working environment with attractive in-house opportunities for future development.

People development

The development of know-how, qualification and social competence of over 9'600 employees is of great importance for Autoneum's future. There are many factors that determine satisfaction and commitment. Knowing this, Autoneum has many programs and activities in place to cultivate a sense of belonging to and contributing to the company.
Autoneum develops the competences of all employees to create high levels of motivation and performance and to allow them to reach their full potential. An individual appraisal is used to carefully review the situation and performance of each employee. It occurs at least once a year, between the employee and the superior. The training needs of each employee are assessed on this individual basis and then the next steps are evaluated and defined. Besides on the job trainings and locally organized training and development courses, we offer global training and development programs for talented employees from all over the world.

ILP gives our employees a unique chance to learn and grow with Autoneum

At Autoneum we strive to identify employees with a strong performance record at an early career stage.
International Learning Program (ILP) is a global training concept for Autoneum’s employees with at least 2 years experience within our company and first intercultural experience.
ILP provides an intercultural training applying the ‘action learning process’, facilitated by teamwork of global nature on ILP projects.

Participants have an opportunity to:

  • Develop competences for cross-cultural and cross-regional cooperation, the skill to reflect on and apply what you have learned and the ability to contribute as an individual to the whole
  • Exchange professional experience on an international level
  • Build up professional connections with senior management
  • Develop a personal network within Autoneum globally

High Performance Leadership

For senior management across the organization, Autoneum has implemented the High Performance Leadership Training to create a common understanding for our values and leadership culture which lies at the center of our strategy. This training helps our managers to align their leadership behaviors in order to deliver business value and to meet Autoneum's strategic objectives. We are proud to run this program in close cooperation with a faculty of coaches who are among the world's leading minds in leadership development.

Performance Management Process (PMP)

A strong performance and self-motivation is the prerequisite for career advancement and development at Autoneum. Our employees who get promoted to managerial positions have both proven professional skills and business orientation as well as social and leadership competences.
The Performance Management Process is key to assure our people are dedicated to Autoneum core values and its culture of performance. PMP (Performance Management Process) consisting of regular feedback and development interviews (Appraisal Discussions) is based on one common Autoneum Competence Model. As a result managers and employees agree on individual goals, which are aligned with the overall strategy of Autoneum.

At Autoneum the Performance Management Process is also a well-structured discussion about development opportunities and actions to be taken in order to enable further progress of our employees in the company.

Succession planning

Special care is given to identify and develop talents at all levels for greater responsibilities within the organization. The aim to fill executive positions with employees from within Autoneum requires systematic succession planning. This forward-looking planning ensures a suitable preparation of possible candidates for a new position in advance and enables a smooth take over by well prepared successors. Systematic succession planning ensures management continuity.


People who are engaged and developed need to be rewarded. Compensation is generally defined by the management of the local legal unit. Base salary is used to recognize particularly the experience, skills, knowledge and commitment that individuals bring to their roles. Incentive systems allow the employees to participate also financially in the success of the company wherever justified. Centrally defined basic rules guarantee fair treatment while local needs can still be taken into account. The variable component of the remuneration varies according to management levels and functions. Autoneum offers compensation and benefits programs that drive the achievement of its business objectives. The compensation and benefits package is designed to attract, motivate, and retain employees. A centrally administrated bonus system, directly linked to the financial results exists for the top management.

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