Underbody Systems and Heatshields

An underbody system enhances the aerodynamics of a vehicle affecting drag and lift. This leads to lower fuel consumption and reduced vehicle emissions. The textile-based and correspondingly lightweight underbody shields of Autoneum also absorb noise and therefore simultaneously reduce the interior and exterior noise (pass-by noise) of cars.

Heatshields are used in vehicles primarily to shield the radiant heat that arises from the engine bay and the exhaust system. For that, the underbody of the engine, the front wall between the engine bay and passenger compartment and the exhaust system are equipped with aluminium heatshields. Autoneum’s heatshields comprise a special perforation: This micro-perforation facilitates noise absorption and hence a further reduction in the interior and exterior noise of vehicles.

Autoneum Offers Among Others the Following Products for Underbody Application:

  • Under engine shields
  • Under floor shields
  • Wheelhouse outer liners
  • Floor pans
  • Battery boxes
  • Heatshields