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About Autoneum

Autoneum is the global technology leader in acoustic and thermal management solutions for vehicles. As a partner for the major light vehicle manufacturers around the world, Autoneum provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for noise reduction and thermal management to increase vehicle comfort and value.

Acoustic and Thermal Management 

Its unique combination of core competences in vehicle acoustics and heat management means that Autoneum takes a total vehicle approach in supplying solutions, systems and products for the engine bay, underbody and interior of motor vehicles.

Participating in the growth of emerging markets 

The company operates on a global scale and has its headquarters in Winterthur, in the greater Zurich area of Switzerland. Autoneum serves the mature markets of Europe and North America as well as the market of South America, while participating in the growth of emerging markets, in particular Asia (excluding Japan). The continued growth of Autoneum’s business and manufacturing footprint outside of the traditional markets is reflected in its increasing sales.

Autoneum. Mastering sound and heat.