Corporate Responsibility

Advance Sustainability Strategy 2025

Sustainable Products & Production Processes

Strategic Targets

  • 100% of Autoneum’s innovation portfolio delivers improvements in sustainability
  • Replace the least sustainable technologies of Autoneum with sustainable innovations
  • Outperform international, national and OEM material compliance requirements
  • Build a culture of environmental sustainability
  • Reduce material waste and increase recycling capacities
  • Reduce emissions and energy consumption
  • Reduce water consumption

Fair & Attractive Workplace

Strategic Targets

  • Continuously improve working conditions and the Employee Value Proposition of Autoneum
  • Implement benchmark employee education framework for all Autoneum employees
  • Implement comprehensive people development framework for all Autoneum employees
  • Build and foster a culture of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Continuously reduce the number of workplace accidents
  • Improve working conditions by reducing ergonomic exposure
  • Implement a comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Good Corporate Citizenship

Strategic Targets

  • Establish and maintain a robust and Company-wide Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Framework
  • Continuously increase Autoneum’s positive impact on communities