Corporate Responsibility

Advance Sustainability Strategy 2025

Sustainable Products & Production Processes

Strategic Targets

  • 100% of Autoneum’s innovation portfolio delivers improvements in sustainability
  • Replace the least sustainable technologies of Autoneum with sustainable innovations
  • Outperform international, national and OEM material compliance requirements
  • Build a culture of environmental sustainability
  • Reduce material waste and increase recycling capacities
  • Reduce emissions and energy consumption
  • Reduce water consumption

Fair & Attractive Workplace

Strategic Targets

  • Continuously improve working conditions and the Employee Value Proposition of Autoneum
  • Implement benchmark employee education framework for all Autoneum employees
  • Implement comprehensive people development framework for all Autoneum employees
  • Build and foster a culture of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Continuously reduce the number of workplace accidents
  • Improve working conditions by reducing ergonomic exposure
  • Implement a comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Good Corporate Citizenship

Strategic Targets

  • Establish and maintain a robust and Company-wide Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Framework
  • Continuously increase Autoneum’s positive impact on communities

Responsible Supply Chain Management

Strategic Target

  • Implement and maintain a robust and Company-wide Responsible Procurement Framework

Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

Autoneum reports about key developments, activities and results in the area of Corporate Responsibility in a systematic and detailed manner. The Company thereby confirms its commitment to transparency toward its stakeholders and the public at large. Autoneum adheres to the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the leading global standard in sustainability reporting.

Stakeholder Engagement

In order to gain a holistic understanding of Autoneum’s key Corporate Responsibility risks and opportunities, we engage in regular dialogue with the key stakeholder groups in our stakeholder ecosystem. The various forms of engagement are described in the following overview.