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Corporate Responsibility

For Autoneum, sustainability is an important aspect of corporate management. We contribute to shaping society sustainably with our comprehensive sustainability management. Conservation of the environment and natural resources is just as much a feature of our approach as considerate management of employees and open dialogue with the public. As a good corporate citizen, Autoneum aims at implementing ecological and social objectives as well as achieving economic success.

This approach is also based on our corporate values: We act responsibly and perform with passion; we progress through continuous improvement and strive for simplicity ; we profit from innovation and live a global spirit.

Autoneum engages in socio-political activities with a long-term view based on an approach that is shaped by the five dimensions of economy, environment, employees, society and ethics.

  • We promote sustainable mobility with our lightweight, multifunctional and recyclable products
  • We manufacture sustainably
  • We offer attractive and safe working conditions
  • We act ethically and are involved in a wide variety of social and environmental projects.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2018

Autoneum reports about key developments, activities and results in the area of Corporate Responsibility in a systematic and detailed manner. The Company thereby confirms its commitment to transparency toward its stakeholders and the public at large. Autoneum adheres to the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the leading global standard in sustainability reporting.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2018 (7 MB) | PDF
Corporate Responsibility Report 2017 | PDF
Corporate Responsibility Report 2016 | PDF
Sustainability Report 2015 | PDF
Sustainability Report 2014 | PDF
Sustainability Report 2013 | PDF
Sustainability Report 2012 | PDF

Corporate Responsibility Dimensions at Autoneum:

It is our economic responsibility to deliver value to our customers and shareholders. With ongoing business activities and investments, we advance the societies and economies where we operate.
We apply the principles of ecological responsibility in the development of our products, in our production processes and across the supply chain, thereby making our contribution to climate change mitigation and the conservation of natural resources.
We have a deep sense of responsibility for our employees: We protect their human and labor rights, invest in their professional and personal development and provide safe and fair working conditions.
We take responsibility for the society around us: We engage with local communities through targeted projects, promote human and labor rights in the supply chain and make sure our products do not harm the health of end consumers.
Finally, we practice ethical and legal responsibility by ensuring compliance with laws and regulations and by building a culture of integrity; this is essential for preserving our reputation as a trusted business partner.

These responsibilities cannot be separated from each other and together they shape and define every decision we make. Neglecting any of them would have a substantial impact on our environment, the communities where we operate, but also on us as a company.

Stakeholder Engagement

In order to gain a holistic understanding of Autoneum’s key Corporate Responsibility risks and opportunities, we engage in regular dialogue with the key stakeholder groups in our stakeholder ecosystem. The various forms of engagement are described in the following overview.

Innovation and Sustainability
Our Suppliers
Community Engagement