Being a good corporate citizen means maintaining consistently high legal and ethical standards in all our relationships. Preserving Autoneum’s credibility and good reputation is essential for our business success. It is Autoneum’s strategic commitment to further strengthen its compliance framework, thereby deepening the integration of compliance principles in the Company’s culture.

Vision 2025: Good Corporate Citizenship

Strategic Target

Establish and maintain a robust and company-wide Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Framework

Operational Targets

  • Implement and maintain company-wide Compliance Management System based on ISO 19600
  • Strengthen and expand company-wide compliance risk assessment and audit framework
  • Continuously develop the training & awareness framework and maintain completion rate at 95%

Compliance Approach
Act with Responsibility

It is important to identify, assess and control the legal risks. At Autoneum, we do this by using a comprehensive Compliance program that is based on three pillars. The aim of this is to avoid, detect early and, if necessary, react to any infringements of the law and the Code of Conduct so that we can uphold our responsibility and prevent any damage to Autoneum and third parties.

Our Compliance Program is based on an annual risk analysis. The results of this facilitate precise and efficient management of compliance activities. Our Code of Conduct as well as directives, training courses, e-learning programs and the provision of individual advice aim to support our employees in specific dilemma situations.

In addition to internal communication channels, the “Speak Up Line” reporting system is also available for identifying any potential misconduct. Reports are followed up with fair investigations. Clear responses and consequences serve to punish any misconduct and eliminate weaknesses.

Code of Conduct
Core Component of the Compliance Program

As a global market and technology leader, Autoneum aims to act in an exemplary manner at all levels and in particular in its business relations. Our stakeholders, be they customers, investors, suppliers, business partners or employees, expect Autoneum always to gear its actions towards the highest ethical standards. The assumption of our ethical and legal responsibility – be this towards external stakeholders or employees – is reflected in our strict compliance with laws, provisions, regulations and internal guidelines.

The Code of Conduct is based on the corporate values of Autoneum and specifies in detail the expectations and standards applicable within the scope of our business activities and their concrete implementation. The principles set out in the Code of Conduct are binding for all employees at all locations in all countries. Management employees are expected to set an example for others through their own behavior and in doing so to create an open working environment based on trust.

All employees of Autoneum must be aware of their personal responsibility and at all times display ethically unimpeachable conduct in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Compliance with the standards set out in the Code of Conduct is of core importance for the long-term success of Autoneum. Infringements of the Code of Conduct are therefore not tolerated.