Body Treatment

Dampers and Stiffeners

Damping materials reduce the noise in the passenger cabin by attenuating the vibrations that are transferred to its body-in-white and cause unpleasant buzzing sounds. Autoneum’s damping products can be used in numerous body-in-white areas and they noticeably increase the acoustic comfort in vehicles.

At the same time, the light weight of the high-performance damping solutions contribute to lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Autoneum Offers the Following Products for “Body Treatment”:

  • Dampers
  • Stiffeners
  • Other acoustics components

Lightweight, Innovative Damping Solution

AUTYL provides an optimal combination of high damping capacity and light weight and is suitable for use on the body shell and after painting, among other uses. Automotive manufacturers are thus given flexibility in choosing when the product is assembled in the vehicle production process.

Thanks to excellent adhesive properties, the damping solution can be applied to flat and shaped, but also vertical or horizontal body parts, such as the front wall, the body-in-white or the wheel wells.

Compared with conventional solutions and sprayable products, AUTYL’s multi-layer composition and light weight enables to achieve better acoustic power and to exceed today’s environmental expectations and standards.

Acoustic Benefit at Low Weight

Nero-Acoustics achieves better acoustic performance compared with conventional solutions. Thanks to its visco-elastic properties it fits perfectly onto the bodywork. This multi-layer product is to be mounted on the vehicle in the paint shop. The self-adhesive variant can be applied to the vehicle in the final assembly stage.

Nero-Acoustics is also up to 50 percent lighter than conventional damping materials. Nero-Acoustics is also easier recyclable due to laminar particles in place of hollow microspheres.