Engine Bay

Engine Encapsulations and Engine Covers

Innovative engine encapsulations help to store heat in the engine bay for longer periods so that less fuel is used for cold starts, thereby reducing vehicles’ emissions. They also minimize the engine noise emitted to the interior and the exterior of the vehicle.

Autoneum is a pioneer in the development of engine encapsulations and offers a key technology here with Theta-FiberCell. Theta-FiberCell is a lightweight fiber-foam-material and is mounted directly onto the engine or vehicle. In addition to its noise reduction and thermal insulation properties and associated high temperature stability up to 200°C, Theta-FiberCell is barely inflammable and highly resistant to engine vibrations.

The pioneering Theta-FiberCell technology is also used for the development and manufacture of engine top covers. These products are mounted onto the vehicle where they partially or fully cover the engine. Conventional covers are made of plastic and provide a screen for individual components of the engine for aesthetic reasons. By comparison, engine covers based on Theta-FiberCell are not only lightweight but also multifunctional: They reduce engine noise inside and outside cars and provide heat protection.

Autoneum Offers the Following Products for Application in the Engine Bay:

  • Engine Encapsulations
  • Hoodliners
  • Outer dashes and other body-mounted absorbers
  • Engine top covers
  • Battery covers
  • Fender insulators
  • Water box shields